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Maruti tour and travel of Jaigaon offers a pleasure of tours to show you the best aspects of this extraordinary country and few parts of India. You will see the people and their way of life, the great Himalayan mountains on remote trekking routes, the spectacularly colorful and genuinely traditional festivals, the citadels of Himalayan Buddhism; and you will feel the breath of mystery and power which still abides in this unique and hidden kingdom. If there is magic left in the world, here is where you will find it. We have, for years, been providing our clients with a truly authentic and uplifting experience of the diverse cultures, religions and landscapes of the Himalayan region. We offer a truly unique traveling experience to the Himalayas of Bhutan with our various packages of tours. Choose from the extensive range of itineraries we offer for your holidays. You will find that we cover the Himalayan belt like no other operator does. Besides Bhutan, we also have tour offer for states of Sikkim and Darjeeling, in the Indian Himalayas. You may also make your own pakages and let us know we will serve